An exciting learning path in Bern

We eat vegetables and we absorb good nutrients. We swallow a pill and the pain is gone. Mothers make sure they eat properly so that the baby grows in the belly. However, the incorrect transport of substances can also lead to illness. What is actually happening in the body? Behind such "simple" questions, there is the work of many researchers worldwide studying membrane transport, like in the NCCR TransCure. They investigate a myriad of chemical and physiological processes, the structure of transport proteins, and links between membrane transport, diseases and their therapies.   

In August 2022, citizens of all ages will have the opportunity to approach these topics by just taking a walk through the exhibition "Vitaport - what our body transports". Vitaport is conceived as a temporary learning and art path in the city of Bern, that illustrates how nutrients are transported through our body and how molecules find their way to the right organ to achieve their effect there. Researchers from the University of Bern, together with students from the School of Design (Schule für gestaltung Bern und Biel), are developing objects, texts and information graphics that will take the public on a journey of discovery through the human body.

The learning path will be rounded off by accompanying public events. Vitaport is being launched to coincide with the conclusion of the NCCR TransCure and is expected to have a sustainable impact on the understanding of science and research in the biological and medical field. It will be free of charge ad open to the public between August and September 2022.

Updates will follow soon!

The realisation of the Vitaport learning path is supported by the University of Bern, the Gebert Rüf Foundation and the Johanna Dürmüller-Bol Foundation.