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We eat vegetables and we absorb nutrients. We swallow a pill and the headache is gone. Pregnant women make sure they eat properly so that the baby grows. When substances are transported correctly in our body, they achieve their intended effect. However, a malfunctioning transport can lead to illness. What is actually happening in the body? How are substances of various types transported through the body, into and out of the cells?
Between August and October 2022, visitors of all ages will have the opportunity to find the answers by taking a walk through the exhibition "Vitaport - what our body transports". This is conceived as a temporary learning and artistic path in the Elfenau Park, in Bern, organised by the NCCR TransCure and the School of Design Bern & Biel. Through illustrative panels, texts, graphics and artistic objects, the visitors will be guided on a multidisciplinary discovery tour.

The scientific focus will be on the following topics:

  • Iron transport: what is iron and where does it occur? Why is iron essential for life and why should we have a balanced amount of iron in the body? Why do pregnat women need more iron?
  • Transport in the brain: how it protect itself from the environment? How can drugs reach the brain? What are psychoactive substances? How can we treat stress-related disorders?
  • Amino acid transport: what are amino acids and why are they essential for life? What is the link between cancer and the flow of amino acids? Why and how do we study the inner structure of amino acids?

Public events such as seminars and interactive experiments will be organized in parallel to the exhibition, at the Botanical Garden in Bern. These will provide the opportunity to experience hands-on science and to meet the researchers. A calendar of the events will be published in due time.  

Vitaport is part of the final events of the NCCR TransCure, that will end its activity in October 2022. Vitaport is expected to have a sustainable impact on the understanding of science and research in the biological and medical field. It will be free of charge ad open to the public between August and October 2022.

News about Vitaport

  • October 2021: the project receives financial support by the Jubiläumsstiftung der Mobiliar Genossenschaft.
  • August 2021: successful kick-off meeting of Vitaport at the School of Design Bern. NCCR TransCure researchers meet board members and teachers of the school to inaugurate the start of the concrete development of Vitaport.
  • August 2021: the School of Design receives a project grant award from the Paul Boesch Foundation for the realisation of Vitaport.
  • July 2021: approval of the financial support through the Gebert Rüf (see project page) and the Johanna Dürmüller-Bol Foundations. 
  • June 2021: decision on the exhibition location (Elfenau Park, Bern).
  • April 2021: approval of the financial support through the University of Bern in the form of a deficit guarantee.



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