Technology Transfer

Knowledge and technology transfer (KTT) encompasses a broad range of activities that support mutually beneficial collaborations between universities, industry and the public sector. In practice, KTT translates into scientific exchange through publications, posters and talks at meetings on one side (see also Events and Education), and in precompetitive or competitive research in collaboration with industry on the other side. More about KTT output data can be found in the dedicated page.

Support to the NCCR TransCure researchers

A KTT committee composed of group leaders and consultants from the private sector offers support in the processes related to IP generation in the identification of the translational potential of the NCCR TransCure projects and in the development of marketable ideas. 

The technology transfer offices of the universities are the primary contact for the practical steps and for the legal advice with regard to patents, spin-off development, contracts and regulation of collaborations, and IP matters in general.

The relevant technology transfer offices for the NCCR TransCure are Unitectra (Universities of Bern, Zürich and Basel), ETH Transfer (ETH Zürich) and pactt (University of Lausanne and CHUV).

NCCR TransCure spin-off Synendos Therapeutics

The NCCR TransCure spin-off Synendos Therapeutics AG has been incorporated in April 2019 at the Swiss Innovation Park in Allschwil in Basel. Synendos Therapeutics is a biopharmaceutical company that aims to develop breakthrough safe and effective therapies for unmet needs in neuropsychiatric disorders through modulation of a new drug target in the endocannabinoid system that enables restoration of natural functioning of the brain. The project was initiated by the NCCR TransCure research project “endocannabinoid transport”. Over the last years, Andrea Chicca (CEO and founder, group Gertsch) and Jürg Gertsch (founder) successfully identified a new drug target and generated solid IP protection on first and second generation SERIs and their medical uses. Their startup Synendos Therapeutics now aims to bring the lead SERI into a phase I clinical trial.

Synendos therapeutics was successfully granted of several non-dilutive funding such as BaseLaunch (250 kCHF), Venture Kick Stages I (10 kCHF) and II (40 kCHF) and entered competitive programs such as Venture Leaders Life Science.

Pre-seed workshop

The NCCR TransCure has been co-organizing the pre-seed workshop since 2016 in partnership with other Swiss NCCRs and wih Neworks, Rochester NY (workshop funding company). These workshops are meant to help young potential entrepreneurs to test the marketability of very early to early stage high-tech ideas and get valuable input from experts on how to move ahead.

To stay updated regarding future editions of the workshop, please check the webpage of the  bench2biz consortium,

KTT Activities

NCCR TransCure-Novartis research collaborations

TransCure offers selected PhD students or postdocs the possibility of screening and experimental collaborations with researchers of Novartis Basel. These are an excellent training opportunity, serve to generate better tool compounds for basic research, and help academic PIs and industry partners to profile potential common interests. Moreover, educational events such as specialized courses and networking workshops will be offered in the future (more info will be published in due time on this page).


Prof. Jürg Gertsch
NCCR TransCure Delegate for KTT

University of Bern
Institute of Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine
Bühlstrasse 28
CH-3012 Bern

Tel: +41 (0)31 631 41 24
Email: gertsch(at)ibmm.unibe.ch