Management areas

The NCCR TransCure was active in four non-scientific fields (management areas) through various projects and initiatives. Here below we report the highlights for each area.

Education and training. The educational program of the NCCR TransCure aimed to provide advanced knowledge on relevant topics and techniques and to offer complementary soft skills training to support a comprehensive career development. Moreover, we contributed to the scientific and personal growth of the fellows through the organisation of several network events.

  • Specialized courses and soft skills training
  • TransCure lecture series and network events
  • Training of international fellows through the MSCA  Action "IFP TransCure" (COFUND)

Knowledge and technology transfer (KTT). This term encompasses a broad range of activities that support mutually beneficial collaborations between universities, industry and the public sector. In practice, KTT translates into scientific exchange through publications, posters and talks at meetings on one side, and in precompetitive or competitive research in collaboration with industry on the other side. 

  • Spin-off Synendos Therapeutics 
  • Participation as consortium member in the bench2biz workshop initiative for aspiring academic entrepreneurs
  • Scientific and educational collaboration with Novartis

Gender equality. The NCCR TransCure not only aimed to perform excellence in research but also to offer equal career opportunities for all researchers. During its lifetime, the network continued to work on improving and maintaining equality at all levels, especially by implementing measures that enables us to increase the number of women working in the field of membrane transport.

Communication. The NCCR TransCure uses several communication channels to inform about the research advances and the various activities of the network. Moreover, our researchers got involved in many science outreach projects that targeted a braod public of all ages.