Endocannabinoid Transport

Research team
Gertsch Jürg PI
Kukulski Wanda Co-PI
Altmann Karl-Heinz Co-PI
Reynoso Ines Postdoctoral Fellow

Endocannabinoids are important physiological lipid modulators of major neurotransmitters in the CNS as well as of immune and metabolic processes. Although there is a lot of knowledge on how endocannabinoids are generated and inactivated, the molecular machinery of endocannabinoid memrbae trafficking is still poorly understood (see the recent review: Nicolussi & Gertsch, 2015). In this project we generate novel molecular tools to study endocannabinoid membrane transport in neurons and immune cells (Reynoso-Moreno et al., 2018, Chicca et al., 2017, Chicca et al., 2012, Nicolussi et al., 2014). We develop selective endocannabinoid reuptake inhibitors as potential therapeutic agents for neuropsychiatric and inflammatory diseases in collaboration with industry partners and the startup company Synendos Therapeutics. We work on new membrane-associated proteins involved in endocannabinoid membrane transport as novel target to modulate the endocannabinoid system.

Relevant literature

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