Astrocyte-specific targeting: VGLUTs

Research team
Volterra Andrea PI
de Ceglia Roberta Postdoctoral Fellow
Reymond Jean-Louis Co-PI
Gertsch Jürg Co-PI

Astrocytes release neuromodulatory transmitters and, thereby, may contribute to brain information processing and to CNS disease pathogenesis/progression. Interestingly, astrocytes, not only neurons, express vesicular transporters for glutamate (VGLUTs). This project aims at defining the specific contribution of astrocyte VGLUT-dependent signalling to normal and pathological (e.g. epilepsy and Parkinson disease) CNS function both at synaptic level and in vivo. In parallel, the development of small molecule modulators and anti-VGLUT nanobodies selectively targeting astrocytes is pursued in collaboration with chemists and structural biologists, facilitating the generation of added value among the TransCure Trias.