Career Development

To empower our young and talented fellows, we offer support to develop their career.

TransCure's ongoing measures

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Mentor-Mentee Lunch ongoing Flyer
Career pathway lecture 09.03.2022


Young Scientist Award 2022 ongoing  

Past offers (excerpts)


Offers for career development of cooperating institutions (excerpts)

Young Scientist Awards

  • Young Scientist Award Winner Jonas Zaugg 2021

  • Young Scientist Award Winners Inés Reynoso and Melanie Zechner 2018

Kids Lab Day 2019

  • Group picture Kidslabday 2019

  • Amylasetest

  • future young scientist analysing a tick

  • happy scientists performing a KCL and CaCl (endo-exothermic reaction)

  • precise pipetting

  • Prof. Martin Lochner making ice cream made out of nitrogen and other goods

  • who wants ice cream?

Pupils day

Students can join Peinelt’s lab for a couple of days to learn about laboratory and scientific work. Under supervision of the lab members they can learn about methods used in our lab and performed basic experiments.

  • Anna from Poland was excited to learn about cell culture work (2019)

  • Lisa Stieglitz performing a cell cutur (2021)