Past congresses and retreats

Past congresses

04.-08.08.201911th Biomedical Transporters ConferenceLucerneM. Hediger
25.-26.10.20184th Endocannabinoid Pharmacology MeetingBernA. Chicca
J. Gertsch
24.10.2018End of Phase 2 SymposiumBern H. Abriel
04.10.2017NCCR TransCure Symposium on Membrane Transporters & CancerBernC. Peinelt
R.-P. Charles
06.-10.08.201710th Biomedical Transporters ConferenceLausanneM. Hediger
08.11.2016Public podium discussion "What can we actually learn from animal models"BernJ. Gertsch
R.-P. Charles
13./14.10.20163rd Endocannabinoid Pharmacology MeetingBernAndrea Chicca 
Jürg Gertsch
16.09.2016NCCR TransCure Symposium on Drug DesignBernH. Abriel
K.H. Altmann
J.L. Reymond
31.05.2016Brainbox - a public info-event on patents & technology transferBernUniTectra
13.-15.01.2016International Symposium on chemical biology 2016GenevaNCCR Chemical Biology
29./30.10.20152nd Endocannabinoid Pharmacology MeetingBernAndrea Chicca 
Jürg Gertsch
04.09.2015NCCR TransCure
Ion Channel Woman Scientists Symposium
BernHugues Abriel
9.-13.08.2015BioMedical Transporters ConferenceLuganoMatthias Hediger
23./24.06.20158th European Placenta Perfusion WorkshopBernChristiane 
22.05.20152nd DNF Symposium: Molecular Basis of Mental DisorderLausannePaola Bezzi
17.10.2014  1st endocannabinoid pharmacology meetingBernAndrea Chicca
and Jürg Gertsch
1.10.2014SPITZENFORSCHUNG AN DER UNIVERSITÄT BERN - NCCR Trans-Cure: Neue Forschungsperspektiven zwischen Medizin, Strukturbiologie und ChemieBernJean-Louis
11.-15.08.2013BioMedical Transporters ConferenceSt. MoritzMatthias Hediger
08.02.2012 NCCR TransCure Workshop
"Excellence in Women's Science" 
BernChristiane Albrecht 
07.-11.08.2011 BioMedical Transporters ConferenceGrindelwaldMatthias Hediger

Past NCCR TransCure annual retreats

Date Event Location Host
06-07.05.2021 11th annual retreat Online Jean-Louis Reymond
14.-15.05.2020 10th annual retreat Online Hugues Abriel
23.-24.05.2019 9th annual retreat Spiez Hugues Abriel
24.-25.05.2018 8th annual retreat Spiez Hugues Abriel
11.-12.05.2017 7th annual retreat Baden Hugues Abriel
19.-20.05.2016 6th annual retreat  Baden Hugues Abriel
11./12.06.2015 5th annual retreat  Baden Hugues Abriel
05./06.06.2014 4th annual retreat  Murten Matthias Hediger
30./31.05.2013 3rd annual retreat  Murten Matthias Hediger
31.05./1.06.2012 2nd annual retreat  Gruyères Matthias Hediger
19./20.5.2011 1st annual retreat  Magglingen/Bern Matthias Hediger