Other past events

Date Event Location Host
10.09.2022 Night of Research of the University of Bern Bern  
19.03.2022 Course for highly talented kids: "Unser Körper: ein Stromgenerator!" Bern H. Abriel
19.-29.11.2021 Bench2Biz 2021 pre-seed worlshop for aspiring entrepreneurs online bench2biz consortium
23.11-04.12.2020 Bench2Biz 2020 pre-seed worlshop for aspiring entrepreneurs online bench2biz consortium
24.09.2021 Post-retreat hike Creux de Van NCCR TransCure fellows committee
5.-6.11.2020 Workshop on Digital reputation Building in Science online NCCRs TransCure, RNA&Disease. Kidney.CH
11,12 & 16.12.2019 Bench2biz pre-seed workshop Zürich NCCRs RNA&Disease, Chemical Biology, TransCure, PlanetS, BioInspired Materials & QSIT
14.11.2019 NCCR TransCure - Novartis Science Day  Basel, Novartis Campus H. Abriel &
21.10.2019 1st NCCR TransCure fellow symposium Bern NCCR Fellows committee
17.-18.10.2019 Specialized Course: 
"Ion channels in physiology, disease and as drug targets"
Bern J.-S. Rougier
16.10.2019 Soft Skills course: 
"How to be quick-witted - The quick response"
Bern C. Peinelt
05.07.2019 Workshop Gender Equity in Science: Develop gender & diversity competencies necessary for future leadership Geneva NCCR Chemical Biology
14.06.2019 Course - Using mouse models: an update on current regulations Bern R.-P. Charles
10.05.2019 3rd TransCure Pathway lecture Bern R. Dutzler
08.05.2019 Kids Lab Day Bern C. Peinelt / M. Lochner
02.03.2019 Das Unsichtbare sichtbar machen - ein forensisches Abenteuer - A school lab project for highly talented kids Bern J. Gertsch
07.10.2018 Soft skills workshop: 
Succeed in your PhD – Thanks to good time management and organization
Bern NCCR TransCure
Kepos GmbH
06.10.2018 Soft skills workshop: Taking over leadership tasks – with or without formal authority Bern NCCR TransCure
Kepos GmbH
20.09.2018 Course: Genetics of transporters: a population-based perspective for non-specialists Bern M. Bochud
25.08.2018 Kids Lab Day Bern C. Peinelt / M. Lochner
22.-24.08.2018 Course: Single particle cryo-EM  Basel H. Stahlberg/K. Locher
13.06.2018 MotemaYaCongo: visit of the lab by a group of Congolese kids Bern H. Abriel
17.,18 & 25.04.2018 SwissCompanyMaker Pre-Seed Workshop Bern SwissCompanyMaker
27.03.2018 NCCR TransCure Pathway lecture Bern C. Peinelt
29.01.2018 IP-training: The bright side of intellectual property Bern Federal Institute of Intellectual Property
11.11.2017 Chemistry course for highly talented kids Bern J.-L. Reymond
27.-28.09.2017 Soft skills workshop:
Day 1: "Career Opportunities in Science and beyond"
Day 2: "Strategic Application for Jobs outside Academia"
Bern NCCR TransCure
22.09.2017 Course: Practical Drug Discovery in Chemical Space Using Online Tools  Bern J.-L. Reymond
16.09.2017 Night of Research 
of the University of Bern
Bern Univ. of Bern
09.09.2017 Thematic day at the Botanical Garden: 
"The chemistry of plants: drugs, scents & colors"
Bern J. Gertsch
J.-L. Reymond
24.04.2017 Microscopy Course: Imaging neurons Lausanne P. Bezzi
20.-21./28.03.2017 Pre-seed workshop Geneva  SwissCompanyMaker
01.03.2017 NCCR TransCure Career Pathway Lecture  Bern C. Peinelt
11.02.2017 UN International Day of girls and women in science
Activity in the lab for girls
Bern / Swiss-wide C. Peinelt
H. Abriel
12.11.2016 Chemistry course for highly talented kids Bern J.-L. Reymond