Final Conference

NCCR TransCure Final Conference: a successful event

On August 17-19, 2022, in the beautiful city of Bern, where our home institution (the University of Bern) is located, we hosted a very successful NCCR TransCure Final Conference! Excellent talks and an enthusiastic group of ca. 150 participants made this in-person event unforgettable. We are extremely grateful to all speakers, poster presenters and participants!

Would you like to stay in touch with the vibrant Swiss community of membrane transporters researchers? Join the section "Ion Channels and Membrane transporters" of the Life Science Switzerland network! https://www.ls2.ch/sections/ion-channels-and-membrane-transporters

A special thank to:

Our sponsors: Vifor Pharma and Novartis (Platinum), Sophion Bioscience and Thermo Fischer Scientific (gold), LeadXpro and Nanion Technologies (silver),  HiQscreenGliaPharm and Vertex Pharmaceuticals (bronze) and Microsynth (fellow sponsorship).

Our guests and experts of Virtual Reality: Luciano Abriata and Fabio Cortés, EPFL Lausanne. They brought us on a virtual trip through protein structures offering an insight into modern and promising visualization techniques. Take a look at these videos in Vimeo and Twitter and read some literature

The organizing committee: Hugues Abriel (UniBe, Host), Christiane Albrecht (UniBe), Karl-Heinz Altmann (ETHZ), Raimund Dutzler (UZH), Dimitrios Fotiadis (UniBe), Jürg Gertsch (UniBe), Wanda Kukulski (UniBe), Kaspar Locher (ETHZ), Martin Lochner (UniBe), Christine Peinelt (UniBe), Jean-Louis Reymond (UniBe, Host),  Andrea Volterra (UNIL), together with the admin team: Valentina Rossetti, Ninoska Friedli, Patricia Teixidor.

Congratulations to:

  • The best poster awardees: Elena Farah Lehmann (1st), Jennifer Müller (2nd) and Anastasiia Sukalskaia (3rd)
  • The best talk awardee (special director choice): Melanie Arndt
  • The travel grant awardees: Janne Tampio and Simona Dudicová