Undergraduate courses

Courses at the University of Bern

The NCCR TransCure, in collaboration with the Institute of Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine (IBMM) of the University of  Bern, offers the following courses.

- Fall Semester: election seminars (Vertiefungsseminare) for 3rd year medical students, no ECTS. Principal investigators of TransCure/IBMM provide specialized seminars (2 hours each) about medical conditions related to membrane transporters and ion channels with discussion of cases, interactive lessons and discussions.

- Spring Semester: "Membrane Biochemistry” for bachelor and master students, 3 ECTS. In this  lecture series, students will receive an overview of general membrane biochemistry as well as in-depth insight into basic and applied research pertaining to transporters, ion channels and membrane receptors. Transfer of knowledge is based on a mixture of lectures and interactive discussions. Elective for Bachelor in Cell Biology and Master in Molecular Life Sciences. 

For both courses: details and registration via www.ksl.unibe.ch.