Student committee

From fellows for fellows

The student committee is in charge of organizing some of the scientific events of the network, such as seminars and symposia and help co-organize social events. The committee helps coordinating the communication between the fellows, the admin team and the directorate. Moreover, it can inquire peers to collect suggestions about the various initiatives.

The student committee is composed by

  • Barbara Preti, PhD student group Lochner
  • Jennifer Müller, PhD Student group Altmann
  • Jonas Zaugg, PhD student group Albrecht


Apéro Quiz Annual Retreat 2021

What percentage of the ice in the Antarctica is made up of penguin urine? =  3%

This is one of the fun and challenging questions the student committee came up with, during the Zoom Apéro Quiz they hosted during the virtual Annual Retreat 6-7 May 2021.Topics covered where science, apéro and trivia. They further helped organizeand pack an apéro surprise box consisting of snacks and drinks, which was sent to everyone within TransCure.

1st TransCure fellow symposium 2019

Organized by the student committe, this full day event consisted of a morning session of talks from academic researchers, clinicians, and alumni of TransCure, following an afternoon excursion to the Felsenau Brewery in Bern. Click here for a full description of this very interesting event.

Photo overview

  • Apéro Quiz, Annual Retreat 2021

  • Visit to the Brewery Felsenau in Bern, 2019

  • 1st TransCure Fellows Symposium, 2019