Publication highlights

Zaugg J, Huang X, Ziegler F, Rubin M, Graff J, Müller J, Moser-Hässig R, Powell T, Gertsch J, Altmann K.-H., Albrecht C., "Small molecule inhibitors provide insights into the relevance of LAT1 and LAT2 in materno-foetal amino acid transport". Journal of Cellular and Molecular Medicine, Oct 2020.

This collaborative study of three NCCR TransCure groups (Albrecht, Gertsch and Altmann) is based on the application of small-compound inhibitors bearing different specificities. It shows that LAT1 is a major leucine transporter, playing an important role in the materno-foetal supply of essential amino acids at the microvillous membrane.


Anderegg MA, Albano G, Hanke D, Deisl C, Uehlinger DE, Brandt S, Bhardwaj R, Hediger MA, Fuster DG, The sodium/proton exchanger NHA2 regulates blood pressure through a WNK4-NCC dependent pathway in the kidney, Kidney International (2020), in press.

NHA2 is a sodium/proton exchanger associated with arterial hypertension in humans through a WNK4-NCC-dependent pathway in the kidney, but the role of NHA2 in kidney function and blood pressure homeostasis is currently unknown. In this study, D. Fuster and team show that NHA2 localises almost exclusively to distal convoluted tubules in the kidney, is a critical component of the WNK4-NCC pathway and is a novel regulator of blood pressure homeostasis in the kidney.