Benjamin Clémençon

I have obtained my Ph.D. in Structural Biology & Nanobiology at University of Grenoble, where I have worked in laboratory of Gérard Brandolin on study of mitochondrial carrier family (MCF) and VDAC porin. I acquired a solid expertise in Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Biophysics approaches on membrane proteins characterizations.

Within the Hediger's group, my goal is to get the high-resolution structure of two intestine human membrane proteins involved in the transport of oligo-peptides (hPepT1) or calcium (TRPV6) via exogenous expression system in yeast.

The elucidation of the 3-D structure of these proteins permits the identification of their ligand binding sites and facilitates the design of novel drugs targeting dysfunctional proteins causing major human diseases.

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  • Postdoctoral Fellow

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