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    The NCCR TransCure studies membrane transporters relevant to human diseases by combining the expertise in physiology, structural biology and chemistry.

  • Education

    The NCCR TransCure offers to the fellows an excellent scientific training in a multidisciplinary environment.

  • Equal Opportunities

    The NCCR TransCure supports the career of woman scientists and equal opportunities for researchers.

  • Technology Transfer

    The NCCR TransCure supports the development of the translational components of the projects.

  • Communication

    The NCCR TransCure supports communication within academia and the dialogue with the general public.


Upcoming events

Many events are cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Thank you for your understanding


October 2021, Les Creux du Van
Fellows hiking trip

November 25, 2021, online
NCCR TransCure MiniSymposium: "A Trip to the TRPs".


NCCR TransCure events and courses.

🏃Here we go, aspiring entrepreneurs: the @bench2biz workshop takes place again and registrations are open! Bring yo… https://t.co/91T1iw2OYt

Registration is open for the workshop series 2021. Apply now https://t.co/WWNZdAJ7jx https://t.co/WWNZdAJ7jx

The @NCCR_TransCure was happy to support the @LS2Switzerland Physiology meeting by sponsoring the keynote lecture o… https://t.co/jOLdIx5Pg6

Great success of the Physiology Meeting!! Congratulations to YIA 2021 winners: Kevin Thomas @unifr , Camille Rabesa… https://t.co/GTFsFS3wKC

👏Our warmest congratulations to the @NCCR_TransCure spin-off @synendos for winning the Top 100 Swiss Startup Public… https://t.co/lNhoVFyyTU

We are honored to win the Top 100 Swiss Startup Public Voting Award 2021 in Biotech.🏆Thank you to all supporters of… https://t.co/0WjQhOy9xL

Latest publications & news

From our groups:  

Bosshart PD, Kalbermatter D, Bonetti S & Fotiadis D, The making of a potent L-lactate transport inhibitor, Communications Chemistry volume 4, Article number: 128 (2021)  


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Highlights of issue #15:
Research: Correlative microscopy and electron cryo-tomography 
NCCR network: Gender equality needs women and men involved
How it works: Organic synthesis