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Our best congratulations to @NCCR_TransCure PI Jean-Louis Reymond @reymondgroup @DCBunibern for being awarded of an…

2,5 Mio Euro erhalten die Forschungsprojekte von Jean-Louis Reymond, @DCBunibern, und Sven Rottenberg (@PMBern & In…

Daniel Probst @skepteis from @reymondgroup at @DCBunibern - Who has tremendously contributed to @NCCR_TransCure pro…

Principles and molecules of NestLink: "Removable peptide barcodes act as quasi-genotypes" - Extremely cool!!!

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Bosshart PD, Kalbermatter D, Bonetti S, Fotiadis D, Mechanistic basis of L-lactate transport in the SLC16 solute carrier family, Nature Communications (2019)


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Highlights of issue #12:
Research: Academia-Industry collaborations
NCCR Management: the 1st Fellows symposium
How it works: Electroencephalogram (EEG)