Upcoming events

30.09.2019, Bern
TransCure Lectures in Biology, Ramona Schlesinger


03.10.2019, Bern
TransCure Lectures in Physiology, Stefan Feske


16.10.2019, Bern
Soft skills course: How to be quick-witted - The quick response


17.-18.10.2019, Bern
Specialized course: Ion channels in physiology, disease and as drug targets


21.10.2019, Bern
NCCR TransCure fellows sympoisum



NCCR TransCure events and courses

Latest @NCCR_TransCure publication in @ChemRxiv #preprint #dataviz from @skepteis and @jrjrjlr in @reymondgroup at…

Visualization of Very Large High-Dimensional Data Sets as Minimum Spanning Trees by Daniel Probst (@skepteis) & Jea…

Congratulations to PD Dr. Andrea Chicca @AndreaChicca from @NCCR_TransCure @gertschgroup for his great habilitation…

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RT @IBMM_UniBern: Today/Reminder: Invitation to the Public Lecture by PD Dr. Andrea Chicca "New #endocannabinoid modulators to treat CNS di…

Latest publications

Bosshart PD, Kalbermatter D, Bonetti S, Fotiadis D, Mechanistic basis of L-lactate transport in the SLC16 solute carrier family, Nature Communications (2019)


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Highlights of issue #11:
Research: Cryo-electron microscopy
NCCR Management: Science and Art in San Francisco
How it works: Fluorescence emitting molecule