Upcoming events

30.09.2019, Bern
TransCure Lectures in Biology, Ramona Schlesinger


03.10.2019, Bern
TransCure Lectures in Physiology, Stefan Feske


11.10.2019, Bern
TransCure Lectures in Physiology, Ardem Patapoutian


16.10.2019, Bern
Soft skills course: How to be quick-witted - The quick response


17.-18.10.2019, Bern
Specialized course: Ion channels in physiology, disease and as drug targets


21.10.2019, Bern
NCCR TransCure fellows sympoisum



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Congratulations to Barbara Preti, @NCCR_TransCure PhD student in M. Lochner group, @IBMM_UniBern - she has been awa…

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RT @uniofbern: Hugues Abriel, professor @uniofbern, is currently in #DRcongo at the University of Kinshasa to teach. His main research fo…

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RT @LS2Switzerland: A big thank you to all the participants & sponsors of our last week's Swiss Physiology Meeting '19! And special mention…

Latest publications

Bosshart PD, Kalbermatter D, Bonetti S, Fotiadis D, Mechanistic basis of L-lactate transport in the SLC16 solute carrier family, Nature Communications (2019)


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Highlights of issue #11:
Research: Cryo-electron microscopy
NCCR Management: Science and Art in San Francisco
How it works: Fluorescence emitting molecule