• A 12-years long journey

    From the start (2010) until its conclusion (2022), the NCCR TransCure advanced the frontiers of membrane transporter and ion channel research by combining the expertise in physiology, structural biology and chemistry.

Beyond TransCure

The NCCR TransCure started on November 1st, 2010 and ended on October 31st, 2022. We are grateful to the Swiss National science Foundation, to our home institution - the Unibersity of Bern - and to everyone who contributed to the success of this network. The NCCR TransCure has been a perfect example of what science is in the 21st century: connecting ideas, collaborating with outstanding scientists, and educating the next generations of multidisciplinary researchers. We all made a huge footprint in the membrane transporter and ion channel research!


We are please to announce that some of the activities will continue under the umbrella of the section on “Ion Channels and Membrane Transporters" within the framework of the Life Science Switzerland (LS2) network. This section will be a reference point for the Swiss scientific community in this field. Follow us and join the new LS2 section!

Our scientific output

The interdisciplinary nature of the network enabled innovative collaborative projects and led to important advances in the field of transporters and ion channels.The NCCR TransCure published more than 170 original papers, that exemplify its scientific impact and multidisciplinary approach. Take a look at our publication list!


We are also proud of the NCCR TransCure spin-off Synendos Therapeutics, incorporated in 2019 and now on the way to the development of a promising compound for the treatment of stress-related neuropsychiatric disorders.





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