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    The NCCR TransCure studies membrane transporters relevant to human diseases by combining the expertise in physiology, structural biology and chemistry.

  • Education

    The NCCR TransCure offers to the fellows an excellent scientific training in a multidisciplinary environment.

  • Equal Opportunities

    The NCCR TransCure supports the career of woman scientists and equal opportunities for researchers.

  • Technology Transfer

    The NCCR TransCure supports the development of the translational components of the projects.

  • Communication

    The NCCR TransCure supports communication within academia and the dialogue with the general public.


Upcoming events

Nov 23 to Dec 4, 2020, online
Bench2Biz pre-seed workshop


Note: many events are cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


NCCR TransCure events and courses.

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Latest publications & news

From our groups:  

Borgström A, Hauert B, Kappel S, Zoni E, Kiener M, Stocklosa P, Baur R, Spahn M, Kruithof de Julio M,  Peinelt C, “Small Molecular Inhibitors Block TRPM4 Currents in Prostate Cancer Cells, with Limited Impact on Cancer Hallmark Functions“, Journal of Molecular Biology  (2020) 


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Highlights of issue #13:
Research: Iron transporters
NCCR Management: Science outreach for kids
How it works: Screening assay in drug discovery