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    The NCCR TransCure studies membrane transporters relevant to human diseases by combining the expertise in physiology, structural biology and chemistry.

  • Education

    The NCCR TransCure offers to the fellows an excellent scientific training in a multidisciplinary environment.

  • Equal Opportunities

    The NCCR TransCure supports the career of woman scientists and equal opportunities for researchers.

  • Technology Transfer

    The NCCR TransCure supports the development of the translational components of the projects.

  • Communication

    The NCCR TransCure supports communication within academia and the dialogue with the general public.


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Aug 30, Sept 13/20/27, 2022, Bern
Vitaport public seminars at Botanical Garden


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Did you know that a widely used chemotherapy is derived from the Pacific yew? Discover more about this and plants &… https://t.co/N6lEB2jOwU

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Latest publications & news

From our groups:  

Bosshart PD, Kalbermatter D, Bonetti S & Fotiadis D, The making of a potent L-lactate transport inhibitor, Communications Chemistry volume 4, Article number: 128 (2021)  


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