Upcoming events

29.01.18, Bern
"The Bright Side of Intellectual Property"
Training on IP hosted by the federal Institute of Intellectual Property


27.03.17, Bern
NCCR TransCure Pathway lecture


17.,18. & 25.04.18, Bern 
SwissCompanyMaker pre-seed workshop


NCCR TransCure events and courses

Tomorrow 23.1 h 9 @unibern talk by @jaybradner from @Novartis, Next-Generation Therapeutics – not to be missed…

Today 16:30 @NCCR_TransCure lecture in UZH Irchel by N. Reyes, Cholesterol regulation & amino acid transporters

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The NCCR TransCure newsletter appears twice a year and informs about projects, fellows, publications and events.


Highlights of issue #8:
Research: Transporters and Cancer
NCCR Management: TransCure outreach activities
How it works: the placenta