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11-12.05.2017, Baden
NCCR TransCure Annual Retreat

22.05.17, Bern
TransCure Lecture in Biology
Thomas Stockner, Med. Univ. of Vienna

21.06.17, Bern
TransCure Lecture in Physiology
Armagan Kocer, Univ. of Groningen

NCCR TransCure events and courses

"Seeing is believing" - cryo-EM permits breakthroughs for ion channel and transporter structure determination!!!

Amazing! One "sees" single hERG #ionchannels using cryo-EM - "Cryo-EM Structure of the Open Human K Channel hERG"…

Today, h 11:15: @NCCR_TransCure Lecture at @IBMM_UniBern by @YoelSadovsky, Maternal-Placental-Fetal Communication,

@NCCR_TransCure lecture on 10.4 by @YoelSadovsky from @Magee_Womens, antiviral signals & placental-fetal interface,



The NCCR TransCure newsletter appears twice a year and informs about projects, fellows, publications and events.


Highlights of issue #6:
Research: AdiC transporter working mechanisms
Event Report: NCCR TransCure Symposium on Drug Design
How it works: Drugs targeting ion channels