Upcoming events

11.02.2017, Swisswide
UN International Day of Girls and Women in Science

23.02.2017, Bern
TransCure lecture in Physiology
Laura Prieto Godino, University of Lausanne (CH)

, Geneva
Pre-seed workshop
Call for applications open! Details here.

NCCR TransCure events and courses

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Tomorrow 19.1 @NCCR_TransCure Lecture, P. Mehlen: Dependence Receptor Paradigm: When a bizarre pathway meets clinic

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RT @Structure_CP: Membrane proteins watch out, polymer-bounded lipid nanodiscs are coming!!!

Latest publication

Ehrnstorfer IA, Manatschal C, Arnold FM, Laederach J & Dutzler R, Structural and mechanistic basis of proton-coupled metal ion transport in the SLC11/NRAMP family, Nature Communications 8, Article number: 14033 (2017).


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The NCCR TransCure newsletter appears twice a year and informs about projects, fellows, publications and events.


Highlights of issue #6:
Research: AdiC transporter working mechanisms
Event Report: NCCR TransCure Symposium on Drug Design
How it works: Drugs targeting ion channels