Upcoming events

24.-25.10.16, Bern
6th Site Visit of the SNSF Review Panel

08.11.2016, Bern
Course "Animal models in pre-clinical research- what can we learn?" 

08.11.16, Zürich
TransCure Lecture in Biology 
Dirk Slotboom, University of Groningen (NL)


NCCR TransCure events and courses

Tomorrow: @NCCR_TransCure Lecture: Intracellular Fibroblast Growth Factors & Neuronal Excitability by J. Nerbonne,

Fr 21.10, h12 @unibern: @NCCR_TransCure lecture by Jeanne Nerbonne from @WUSTLdbbs, iFGFs and neuronal excitability,

@NCCR_TransCure Young Scientist Award for woman scientists: apply till 30.11.16:

Latest publication

Deisl C, Anderegg M, Albano G, Lüscher BP, Cerny D, Soria R, Bouillet E, Rimoldi S, Scherrer U, Fuster D, Loss of Sodium/Hydrogen Exchanger NHA2 Exacerbates Obesity- and Aging-Induced Glucose Intolerance in Mice  PLoS One 2016 Sep 29;11(9):e0163568


NCCR TransCure Publication List



The NCCR TransCure newsletter appears twice a year and informs about projects, fellows, publications and events.


Highlights of issue #5:
Research: STIM/Orai and TRPM4 channels
Interview: NCCRs - a challenge of sinergies
How it works: the role of transporters in drug disposition