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TransCure Lecture in Physiology
Avner Schlessinger, Mount Sinai Hospital New York (USA)


NCCR TransCure symposium in Drug Design


TransCure Lecture in Biology
Uwe Schlattner, Inserm Grenoble (FR)


D3 (Drug Discovery and Development) Project Simulation @Novartis
Scientific strategies and decision-making in pharmaceutical companies.
Basel, September 26-27, 2016 - Apply till August 21, 2016


NCCR TransCure events and courses

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Molecule of the month at @unibern

Am Dep. für Chemie&Biochemie wird regelmässig das «#Molekül des Monats» ernannt: #unibern

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RT @SwissIonChannel: @shush_n Dr. S. Nagamori presents the role of LAT1 AA-transporter in cancer cells at "Towards a New Era.." in Tokyo ht…

Latest publication

Syam N, Chatel S, Ozhathil LC, Sottas V, Rougier JS, Baruteau A, Baron E, Amarouch MY, Daumy X, Probst V, Schott JJ, Abriel H “Variants of Transient Receptor Potential Melastatin Member 4 in Childhood Atrioventricular Block“  J Am Heart Assoc  (2016) 


NCCR TransCure Publication List



The NCCR TransCure newsletter appears twice a year and informs about projects, fellows, publications and events.


Highlights of issue #5:
Research: STIM/Orai and TRPM4 channels
Interview: NCCRs - a challenge of sinergies
How it works: the role of transporters in drug disposition